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Our Dynamic Planet-Planet Geography

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  • Author:
    Stephen Codrington
  • Publisher:
    Solid Star Press


Our Dynamic Planet covers all parts of the Standard Level and Higher Level Options for IBDP Geography Paper 1. The 28 chapters mirror the structure of the syllabus.

Chapter 1 Drainage basin hydrology and geomorphology.

Chapter 2 Flooding and flood mitigation.

Chapter 3 Water scarcity and water quality.

Chapter 4 Water management futures.

Chapter 5 Ocean-atmosphere interactions.

Chapter 6 Interactions between oceans and coastal places.

Chapter 7 Managing Coastal Margins.

Chapter 8 Ocean management futures.

Chapter 9 Characteristics of extreme environments

Chapter 10 Physical processes and landscapes

Chapter 11 Managing extreme environments.

Chapter 13 Geophysical systems.

Chapter 14 Geophysical hazard risks

Chapter 15 Hazard risk and vulnerability.

Chapter 16 Future resilience and adaptation

Chapter 17 Changing leisure patterns

Chapter 18 Tourism and sport at the local and national scales

Chapter 19 Tourism and sport at the international scale.

Chapter 21 Measuring food and health.

Chapter 22 Food systems and the spread of diseases.

Chapter 23 Stakeholders in food and health.

Chapter 24 Future health, food security and sustainability

Chapter 25 The variety of urban environments.

Chapter 26 Changing urban systems

Chapter 27 Urban environmental and social stresses.

Chapter 28 Building sustainable urban systems for the future