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Mathematics HL OPTION Sets, Relations and Groups

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  • Author:
    C Quinn, C Sangwin, R Haese, M Haese
  • Publisher:
    Haese Mathematics
  • Date Published:


Mathematics HL (Option): Sets, Relations and Groups has been written as a companion book to the Mathematics HL (Core) textbook. Together, they aim to provide students and teachers with appropriate coverage of the two-year Mathematics HL Course, first examined in 2014.

This book covers all sub-topics set out in Mathematics HL Option Topic 8 and Further Mathematics HL Topic 4, Sets, Relations and Groups.

The aim of this topic is to introduce students to the basic concepts, techniques and main results in abstract algebra, specifically for sets, relations and group theory.

Detailed explanations and key facts are highlighted throughout the text. Each sub-topic contains numerous Worked Examples, highlighting each step necessary to reach the answer for that example.

In this changing world of mathematics education, we believe that the contextual approach shown in this book, with associated use of technology, will enhance the student's understanding, knowledge and appreciation of mathematics and its universal applications.

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