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How to Ace Mandarin Ab Initio Composition 2Ed

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  • Author:
    Ronny Mintjens
  • Publisher:
    Mintjens Press
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The « How to Ace Mandarin Ab Initio - Composition» workbook encourages the student to review the relevant vocabulary and grammar of the Ab Initio course through guided writing and to apply the features of a variety of text types in IB-style writing tasks. Through the revision of more than ten years’ worth of past IB Composition papers (the former Paper 2) they will further familiarize themselves with the text types and with the topic-specific vocabulary. The student will be able to revise and practice the grammatical concepts learned and to apply these in creative and personalized writing tasks. The creative nature of this workbook allows for differentiation where they can challenge themselves to explore grammatical variations and to set minimum requirements.
By the time the student reaches the end of this workbook, they will have a complete overview of the text types, the key vocabulary, the grammar points and the creative writing opportunities that the IB Ab Initio Paper 1 provides. The workbook is structured by Section and by text type. For each text type at least one sample exercise is provided in two versions : one with pinyin and the other without pinyin. The pinyin version will make it easier for the student to recognize and understand the sample texts while the non-pinyin version fully reflects the final examination.