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Our Changing Planet-Planet Geography

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  • Author:
    Stephen Codrington
  • Publisher:
    Solid Star Press
  • Date Published:
    January 2020


Our Changing Planet covers all parts of the Standard Level and Higher Level Core for IBDP Geography Paper 2. The 9 chapters mirror the structure of the syllabus.

Chapter 1 Patterns of population and economic development

Population distribution
Economic Development
Comparative case studies of population and economic development in Papua New Guinea and China

Chapter 2 Changing populations and places

Population change
Comparative case studies of population change in Cambodia and Russia
Mega city growth
A case study of Shenzhen, China
Forced migration and internal displacement
A case study of forced migration from Syria to Turkey to flee political conflict
A case study of forced migration in Niger to flee environmental problems

Chapter 3 Challenges and opportunities

Population trends
Population Policies
The demographic dividend
A case study of the demographic dividend in Vietnam

Chapter 4 Causes of global climate change

The atmospheric system
The natural greenhouse effect
The enhanced greenhouse effect

Chapter 5 Consequences of global climate change

Consequences of global climate change
Impacts of climate change

Chapter 6 Responding to climate change

Climate change risk and vulnerability
Contrasting case studies of the responses to climate change in Kiribati and Turkmenistan
Government-led adaptation and mitigation
Civil society and corporate strategies to address climate change
Case study of a civil society response by providing biogas to farming villages in Guizhou, China

Chapter 7 Global trends in consumption

Poverty reduction and the new global middle class
Trends in resource consumption
Global patterns and trends

Chapter 8 Impacts of changing trends in resource consumption

The water-energy-food nexus
The implications of climate change for the water-energy-food nexus
Comparative case studies of the water-energy-food nexus in Albania and Kyrgyzstan
The disposal and recycling of consumer wastes

Chapter 9 Resource stewardship

Divergent thinking about population and resource consumption
Resource stewardship strategies
The circular economy
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)