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Our Planet's Extreme Environments 2Ed-Planet Geog

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  • Author:
    Stephen Codrington
  • Publisher:
    Solid Star Press
  • Date Published:


Our Planet’ s Extreme Environments is one of seven Planet Geography Monographs, each of which covers one option of the Standard Level and Higher Level Options for IBDP Geography Paper 1. The 4 chapters mirror the structure of the syllabus. The same content is also available as chapters 9 to 12 in Our Dynamic Planet.

Chapter 1
Extreme environments
Global distribution
Relief and climatic characteristics
Challenges faced by humans in extreme environments
Case study of challenges to humans in Yakutsk
Case study of challenges to humans in Death Valley
The changing distribution of extreme environments over time

Chapter 2
Glacial processes
Periglacial processes
Arid landform processes
Arid landforms

Chapter 3
Agricultural opportunities and challenges
Case study of agricultural opportunities and challenges in Turkmenistan
Opportunities and challenges for mineral extraction
Case study of diamond mining in Mirny, Russia
Case study of iron ore mining in the Pilbara, Australia
Opportunities and challenges for tourism in extreme environments
Case study of tourism in the Swiss Alps
Case study of tourism in the Himalayas of Nepal
Case study of tourism in the Nile Valley of Egypt
Case study of tourism in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Chapter 4
Case study of desertification in the Sahel
Competition for resources
Case study of issues of resource competition for the Himba people
Sustainable development and new technology
Global change in extreme environments