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Our Planet's Oceans & Coasts 2Ed-Planet Geography

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  • Author:
    Stephen Codrington
  • Publisher:
    Solid Star Press
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Our Planet’ s Oceans and Coasts is one of seven Planet Geography Monographs, each of which covers one option of the Standard Level and Higher Level Options for IBDP Geography Paper 1. The 4 chapters mirror the structure of the syllabus. The same content is also available as chapters 5 to 8 in Our Dynamic Planet.

Chapter 1 Ocean-atmosphere interactions

Ocean currents
Atmosphere-oceanic interactions (including ENSO cycles)
Hurricanes and coastal margins
Case study of Hurricanes Dennis and Sandy in North Carolina
Oceans as a store of carbon dioxide

Chapter 2 Interactions between oceans and coastal places

Physical influences on coastal landscapes
Coastal landforms
Advancing and retreating coastlines
Case study of coastal change in Morfa Harlech, Wales
Sand dune development
Case study of dunes at Wallagoot Beach, Australia

Chapter 3 Managing Coastal Margins

Coastal erosion and flooding management strategies
Case study of the management of Sydney’ s coasts
Conflicting land-use pressures on coasts
Case study of land-use pressure and conflict of the coasts of Sint Maarten
Management of coral reefs and mangrove swamps
Case study of the management of coral reefs on the Great Barrier Reef
Case study of the management of mangroves on Towra Point
Geopolitics of oceans

Chapter 4 Ocean management futures

Biotic ocean resources
Case study of the management of fishing in Hong Kong
Abiotic ocean resources
Managing ocean pollution
The strategic value of oceans
Case study of a contested ocean area - the South China Sea