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IB Biology 2Ed Student Workbook

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The second edition of BIOZONE’ s popular student workbook for IB Biology provides the core and AHL content in a single, comprehensive volume. The workbook’ s structure accommodates both an integrated and spiral approaches to the course, with core material for both SL and HL material clearly identified and easily located.

Each chapter is prefaced with clear learning objectives based on the Understandings, Skills, and Applications central to the IB Diploma Program for Biology. Objectives and content to address Theory of Knowledge and International-mindedness are integrated throughout.

New features include the use of an activity numbering system and cross referencing to linked content, facilitating easy use of the workbook and addressing utilizations throughout. The activities, which form the bulk of the workbook, provide highly visual, student-friendly delivery of content. Activities are concept based and have been written specifically to develop skills in critical thinking, data analysis, and problem solving in students of all abilities.

This new edition marks a major content revision to address the new curriculum starting September 2014.


· Cell Biology

· Molecular Biology

· Genetics

· Ecology

· Evolution and Biodiversity

· Human Physiology

· AHL: Nucleic acids

· AHL: Metabolism, Cell Respiration, and Photosynthesis

· AHL: Plant Biology

· AHL: Genetics and Evolution

· AHL: Animal Physiology

· Appendix 1 Science Practices